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Visitors who see Extreme Charts for the first time are often blown away by the versatility and usefulness shown by the stock charts. These top-of-the-line charts are easy to use, easy to modify, and easy to implement into any stock trading plan. After using these charts, you'll never want to switch to anything else.

The charts are easy to update each day and are adjustable in regards to format (bar charts, line charts, candlestick charts), time period (daily chart, weekly chart, monthly chart, quarterly chart, yearly chart) and the time period that's on display when the chart is activated.

Although the charts come with a lovely default color setting of gray and blue, colors which are unquestionably pleasing to the eye, they can be customized and changed to match the preferences of the user. Are you a University of Florida graduate? Why not make the colors orange and blue? Is Southern Cal your school of choice? You can set your defaults to burgundy and gold. Or maybe you just like the way red and black blends in together. The facts are this: You can change your screens and make them any color you like. You can even concoct a customized color, should you choose to be extremely creative.

All the information is at your fingertips, from option chains to sector news. These Extreme Charts are easy to update; most users will update them several times during the day to get an accurate snapshot of market activity, and then update them again at the end trading.

Extreme Charts comes with five preset templates, each offering the indicators needed to locate price patterns. Individuals will find the templates they value most, then have the option to move them around on the function keys as wished.

There's no question these stock charts are invaluable for people interested in the stock market. The chance to make better trades can't be overstated to those interested in earning extra money in the stock market. The ability to read a stock chart is unsurpassed.